ACBL Charity Foundation Trustees

The ACBL Charity Foundation is managed by five trustees; all of whom must be ACBL members in good standing; one of whom must be a current member of the ACBL Board of Directors.

Rebecca Brown
Term Expires: 12.31.28

Jennifer O’Neill
Term Expires: 12.31.26

Cindy Shoemaker
ACBL Board Liaison
Term Expires: 12.31.24

Stu Goodgold
Term Expires: 12.31.28

Mitch Dunitz
Term Expires:

Trustees are elected to four-year terms and may not serve more than two consecutive terms. Trustees are elected by the ACBL Board of Directors.

If you are an ACBL member in good standing seeking to run for election as an ACBL Charity Foundation trustee, please email ACBL Election Secretary.

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