ACBL Charity Foundation Minutes

The ACBL Charity Foundation Board of Trustees meet regularly through Zoom. The annual meeting is held in conjunction with the fall North American Bridge Championships.

Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/images/minutes.pngClick on the following dates to view meeting minutes.

December 2023: Online Meeting

August 2023: Online Meeting

June 2023: Email Vote

June 2023: Online Meeting

March 2023: Online Meeting

November 2022: Phoenix, AZ

March 2022: Reno, NV

November 2021: Austin, TX

March 2021: Online Meeting

November 2020: Online Meeting

March 2020: Online Meeting

November 2019: San Francisco, CA

March 2019: Memphis, TN

November 2018: Honolulu, HI

March 2018: Philadelphia, PA

November 2017: San Diego, CA

March 2017: Kansas City, KS

November 2016: Orlando, FL

March 2016: Reno, NV

November 2015: Denver, CO

March 2015: New Orleans, LA

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